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Meet Our Advisers

We are excited to help you begin your journey! Our advising team is on-hand to guide you through the study abroad process. We encourage you to meet with a Peer Adviser as you begin the process and then connect with a member of our Professional Advising Staff.

  • Adviser Sara Assadi-Nik
    Sara Assadi-Nik

    Study Abroad Adviser - Island Sustainability Program, Mo'orea

    "Studying abroad during my time as an undergraduate student was truly a touchpoint in my life that still echoes into the present day. I was transformed by the experience in such positive ways, and am here to provide guidance and support to all students as they seek out their own transformational study abroad experiences."
  • Michelle Ayazi
    Michelle Ayazi
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Botswana, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ghana, Iceland, India, Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Africa, Sweden
    "Studying abroad has impacted how I live my life and see the world, and the work I do. I am energized by Berkeley's diverse community and enjoy helping students incorporate study abroad into their time here. I’d love to be a part of your journey!"
  • Renee Camarena
    Renee Camarena
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Australia, Germany, Italy, Multisite - Italy/Spain, New Zealand

    “I bring 20 years of advising expertise to provide students the knowledge and resources to pursue their international educational goals. I look forward to engaging with all students cultivating inclusive spaces of optimism and support as they seek out their journey abroad."

  • Gigi Estilo
    Gigi Estilo
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand
    "Studying abroad provided me with transformative experiences and opportunities for growth. This has inspired me to be more globally minded, equity-driven, and empathetic. I look forward to supporting and encouraging students in their study abroad journey!"
  • Adviser Anna Henry
    Anna Henry
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Spain,
    "I had never left the country before studying abroad, and afterward I had no regrets. It was an experience that opened my eyes to new ways of knowing and seeing the world. I am here to support students as they say yes to new experiences and embark on a transformative journey."
  • Cristina Rodarte
    Cristina Rodarte
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Belgium, France, Switzerland

    “Studying abroad meant seeing the world with new eyes and experiencing a profound sense of compassion, connection, empathy, and openness unlike anything I had ever known. I look forward to engaging with students throughout this transformational journey."

  • Alex Tan
    Alex Tan
    Berkeley Summer Abroad Program Coordinator

    "Studying abroad as an undergraduate at Cal was an integral part of my own educational and personal growth. I love encouraging students who may not have thought they could study abroad and supporting students to find the right fit in a program."

  • Breanne Tcheng
    Breanne Tcheng
    Manager, Global Internships Program

    "Studying abroad is one of the most transformative educational experiences because it has the potential to foster alternative perspectives, dialogue across difference, and an increased capacity for empathy. I'm excited and eager to support our Cal students to find a program that not only matches their career interests, but will also allow them to explore, be challenged, and grow positively in the process!"

  • Adviser Amy Veramay
    Amy Veramay
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Ireland, Scotland, England

    "Studying abroad gives us the opportunity to get outside of our comfort zones and experience new ways of thinking and communicating, which helps to develop increased self awareness of how we show up and engage with others."