College Advising

Ensure that you meet all eligibility requirements to participate in a study abroad program set by your Berkeley college.

Berkeley colleges have varying rules for the minimum number of units a student must complete prior to participation in study abroad, timeframe for declaring a major, completing the R&C requirement, satisfying senior residency, and more. You must research your college’s policies.

Topics that are common to the majority of colleges are covered below.

College advising websites

If your college does not have a webpage dedicated to study abroad participation, a link to contact information is provided. Visit a College Adviser to discuss the study abroad policies for your college.

College of Chemistry
College of Engineering
College of Environmental Design
College of Letters & Science​​​​​​
Rausser College of Natural Resources
Haas School of Business

College advising is mandatory if...
  • You will have junior standing during your study abroad program and still need to file the Petition to Declare a Major.
  • You think study abroad will prevent you from completing the Reading and Composition requirement by the end of your sophomore year.
  • You are studying abroad as a senior or will gain senior standing while abroad.
  • You intend to graduate immediately after your study abroad program.
  • You plan to double major.
  • You plan to complete college breadth requirements on an independent study abroad program.
  • You intend to extend study abroad participation from a summer or semester to a year.
  • You will participate on an independent study abroad program.
International studies breadth requirement

The following information is for students in the College of Letters & Science. If you are not a student in the College of Letters & Science, consult with your UC Berkeley College.

You may fulfill the International Studies breadth requirement by full in-person* participation in a UCEAP, Berkeley Global Edge, Berkeley Summer Abroad, or Berkeley Global Internships Program. All of the required courses for each program must be completed with a C-/P or better.

Completion of study abroad programs sponsored by other accredited colleges and universities is also acceptable provided a student has obtained pre-approval from a College Adviser. Please note that not all programs may qualify.

Students participating in a virtual UCEAP program (aside from the Internship program listed above) may submit a one-time request for a specific course on the program to be evaluated for the fulfillment of the International Studies Breadth. You will need to submit a syllabus for a specific course that aligns with the guidelines for approval of breadth courses. Please see the next section, "Evaluation of breadth courses", for instructions on how to submit an evaluation request.

Evaluation of breadth courses

The following information is for students in the College of Letters & Science, College of Environmental Design, and Rausser College of Natural Resources. If you are not a student in one of these three colleges, consult with your UCB College Adviser to determine if L&S breadth pre-approvals for UCEAP apply to the breadth requirements in your college/major.

UCEAP coursework may be evaluated to fulfill other Seven-Course Breadth categories. If you would like prospective courses to be considered for possible breadth approval, please follow the steps below. The process also applies to students seeking breadth approval for a course already completed on a UCEAP program.

  1. Review the guidelines for approval of breadth courses.
  2. Research possible courses offered by UCEAP programs of interest.
  3. Review the Database of Pre-Approved Breadth for your country and program.
  4. If your course(s) of interest have not yet been evaluated, send an email to and include:

    Your name, SID, email address, UCEAP program of interest, term of participation, and which breadth categories you have left to fulfill. If you already have a syllabus, please attach it to the email. It is not possible to obtain pre-approval until a complete syllabus is available from the host institution.

The breadth evaluation process for an Independent Study Abroad program depends on the student's college.

  • L&S Students: Students in the College of Letters and Science can request review of an independent study abroad course for breadth by following the instructions listed on L&S's Other Higher Education Institution web page for Transfer Credits.
  • Students of all other colleges: Students seeking breadth approval for courses for Independent Study Abroad should consult with their College Adviser for evaluation procedures.
Senior residency

The following refers to the university-wide senior residency requirement. If you are not in the College of Letters & Science, confirm with your College Adviser if there is an additional residency requirement for your college.

Once you reach senior standing (90 units), you must complete 24 of your remaining units in residence at Berkeley. Although study abroad does not count towards senior residence, the Berkeley Academic Senate has approved a modified senior residence requirement for students participating in a Berkeley Summer Abroad, Berkeley Global Internships, or UCEAP program. To satisfy the modified senior residence requirement you must complete 24 (excluding study abroad or extension) units in residence after you reach junior standing (60 units). At least 12 of these 24 units must be completed after you have completed 90 units. Make an appointment with your College Adviser to discuss the senior residence requirement if you are planning to study abroad as a senior.

Study Abroad as last term at Berkeley

If you are planning to do Berkeley Summer Abroad, Berkeley Global Internships, or UCEAP as your last term at Berkeley, please be advised that you cannot participate as a UC student (or be packaged for financial aid) if your “Expected Graduation” term in CalCentral is prior to your study abroad participation. You must work with your Berkeley college for approval to change your expected graduation date to the term of your study abroad participation, or later.

Participation in UCEAP as your final term may delay the administrative processing of your degree due to program end dates after the Berkeley term of participation, and/or slower reporting and posting of coursework to your Berkeley transcript. Your college will move you to the degree list following your term of participation if your grades have not been posted by college deadlines for degree processing.

If a prospective employer or graduate school needs an official statement that you either will be or already have completed your degree requirements, inquire with your college if they offer a “Proof of Intent to Graduate” letter. If your UCEAP grades have already been posted to your transcript but you are awaiting degree processing, you can request a Certificate of Completion from the Office of the Registrar.