Advising Notes

Detailed information for Berkeley Global Internships, Berkeley Summer Abroad, affiliate, and independent programs can be found via the Explore tool and program listings.

UCEAP Advising notes are written specifically for Berkeley applicants to the UC Education Abroad Program. Each note is an advising tool written by a Berkeley Study Abroad adviser to review program specific details that may impact a student’s decision to apply for a UCEAP program.

Refer to the UCEAP website to review eligibility requirements, academic, housing, and other logistical details. Advising notes are not a repetition or summary of the information provided by UCEAP.

Argentina - All Programs

Australia - All Programs

Barbados - All Programs

Botswana - All Programs

Brazil - All Programs

Canada - All Programs

Chile - Chilean Universities

China - All Programs

Costa Rica - All Programs

Czech Republic - All Programs

Denmark - All Programs

Dominican Republic - All Programs

France - Bordeaux, ENS, Lyon, and UC Center Paris

France - Sciences Po

Germany - All Programs

Ghana - All Programs

Hong Kong - All Programs

India - All Programs

Ireland - Ireland Summer

Ireland - Irish Parliament Internship

Ireland - Irish Universities

Israel - All Programs

Italy - Bologna and Bocconi

Italy - Florence, Rome, and Italy & Spain Multi Site Programs

Japan - All Programs

Jordan - All Programs

Korea - All Programs

Mexico - All Programs

Morocco - All Programs

Multi Site - Australia/Solomon Islands

Multi Site - Buenos Aires/Santiago

Multi Site - Florence/Sicily/Barcelona

Multi Site - London/Paris

Multi Site - Madrid/Rome

Netherlands - All Programs

New Zealand - All Programs

Norway – All Programs

Russia - All Programs

Senegal - All Programs

Singapore - All Programs

South Africa - All Programs

Spain - All Programs

Sweden - All Programs

Switzerland - All Programs

Taiwan - All Programs

Tanzania - All Programs

Thailand - All Programs

United Kingdom - England - Cambridge Summer

United Kingdom - England - East Anglia Summer

United Kingdom - England - English Universities

United Kingdom - England - London School of Economics (LSE) Summer

United Kingdom - England - London School of Economics (LSE) Year

United Kingdom - England - Sotheby's

United Kingdom - England - Sussex Summer

United Kingdom - England - UC Center London

United Kingdom - England - University of the Arts London

United Kingdom - Scotland - Intern: Scotland

United Kingdom - Scotland - Scottish Universities

United Kingdom - Scotland - Glasgow Summer