Coronavirus (COVID-19): The safety and well-being of our students is our top priority. Please see current information and updates related to study abroad programs. Berkeley Study Abroad is currently offering virtual services. Please see our Virtual Advising Guide for more information.

COVID-19 Information for Berkeley Study Abroad Students

There is no doubt that this is an unprecedented, stressful time for students and families of students hoping to study abroad. Berkeley Study Abroad is committed to your well-being and we are here to support you. We will continue to update the resources provided here as information becomes available. Our advising staff is available to assist in navigating and connecting you to the resources you need as quickly as possible.
Last updated 11/23/2020  1:35 PM PST
Spring 2021


The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges related to health concerns and international travel. On August 13th, 2020, UCEAP made the difficult decision to cancel select Spring 2021 programs. Canceled programs included all options with a start date before March 15, 2021. Applicants/Nominees for the canceled (and continuing programs) have been contacted directly via email by the UCEAP Director’s Office. 

More details around this decision, including a Letter from UCEAP Executive Director, can be found here:


Am I able to apply to any remaining UCEAP spring 2021 programs at this time?

No, it is no longer possible to apply to UCEAP spring 2021 options at this time. We encourage you to consider UCEAP programs offered in summer 2021 or beyond. Berkeley Study Abroad Applications for the UCEAP 2021-22 cycle will open in mid-October 2020. Please see the Summer 2021 and beyond section for more details and advice.


What other options do I have if I wish to study abroad in spring 2021?

Students who feel that spring 2021 is an appropriate term for them to study abroad should explore Independent Study Abroad options. Independent Study Abroad programs are offered at the purview of the provider or the host university. Please inquire directly with the provider about the availability of the program in spring 2021.

Applicants for Summer 2021 and beyond


Will study abroad programs be available for summer or fall 2021?

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to present challenges related to health concerns and international travel. Select programs are expected to proceed for summer, fall, and year in the 2021-22 cycle. Please note that the Berkeley Study Abroad office works with a variety of programs, and information regarding the availability of these programs is outlined below. Offerings and application requirements, processes, and deadlines for the 2021-22 cycle vary by program. 




We encourage you to research each option and identify which one most closely aligns with your needs and goals. You are also welcome to set up an advising appointment with a Peer Adviser to discuss your options.


Should I still apply to study abroad given the uncertainties of COVID?

Applications are due months before a program begins which means that if you would like to keep study abroad as an option for yourself in the summer 2021 or beyond, it may benefit you to consider applying. 

We encourage all students to inform themselves of deadlines to withdraw from a program, the financial consequences for doing so before or after such deadlines, and any deposits or application fees before starting an application. For instance, UCEAP programs do not have an application fee and each program has a unique deadline to withdraw before financial penalties are incurred. Berkeley Study Abroad programs such as Global Internships and Summer Abroad may have a non-refundable deposit. 


Academic Planning

We encourage you to talk with your major and college advisers early on about how study abroad fits into your plan to graduation. You can read more about academic considerations and policies for receiving breadth and major credit while studying abroad in the academics section of our website. During these times of uncertainty, we also recommend that you discuss a backup plan with your academic advisor. This includes enrolling in Berkeley courses for Fall and Spring semester until a final decision has been made regarding a future study abroad program. 


Application Planning

UCEAP: BSA Applications for the UCEAP 2021-22 cycle is open for applications.
Berkeley Global Internships applications will open on February 1, 2021.
The Berkeley Summer Abroad application period will likely be early February 2021 to mid-March 2021. Exact dates subject to change. Please check back for further details


Passport Information

Previously, the Department of State had reduced services due to COVID-19, they have now indicated that they are again offering normal (10-12 week) processing times for passports and expedited processing times of 4-6 weeks. Most acceptance facilities such as post offices, clerks of court, and libraries are open and accepting passport applications. You are encouraged to apply by mail when possible because it is a safe, contactless option for certain services. In-person appointments are still reserved for those with travel for life and death emergencies within the next 72 hours or 3 business days. Please see the Passport Operations page for the most up to date information. 

If your passport is currently valid, please check to ensure it will be valid through the duration required by your program to determine if you need to renew at this time. Applicants to the UCEAP program will see on the UCEAP application how long your passport must be valid after the end date of the program. If you have already applied for your passport, you can check your status of your passport application here.

Please note this advice was last updated on 9/30/2020. Be sure to check the Department of State's Passport Operations in Response to COVID-19 website for the latest guidance.