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The Haas School of Business has provided information for students who plan to study abroad. Review your department’s responses to the Major Advising Questionnaires below, then contact the department directly with any additional questions.


Advising Resources

Study Abroad for Business Administration Majors (PDF)

Study Abroad Information on the Haas Undergraduate Program Website

Haas Undergraduate Program Advising Contact Information


Berkeley Programs Questionnaire


Does your department currently sponsor a Berkeley Summer Abroad or Berkeley Global Internships program?


Do any courses offered on a Berkeley Summer Abroad or Berkeley Global Internships program currently satisfy requirements within your major?

Yes. UGBA 193I counts towards upper division business elective units. Geneva, Switzerland – Business Innovation for Sustainability, Social Responsibility and Positive Impact:


UCEAP Programs Questionnaire


What is the maximum amount of major credit given for courses taken during UCEAP? Is this maximum calculated by number of courses or by units of credit?

The Haas Undergraduate Program has no limit. Students can take all business electives or non-business courses abroad to count toward degree requirements. However, Haas Core need to be fulfilled at UC Berkeley.

Does your department maintain a list of courses previously awarded credit on UCEAP and/or a list of pre-approved courses for UCEAP programs? How do students access this information?

No. Haas students should speak with the Haas Study Abroad adviser regarding course work taken abroad.

Does your department have a 4-year or 2-year plan available to students that incorporates semester or year-length study abroad? How do students access this information?

Yes. Haas students can incorporate a semester or year abroad in their two year program. Haas students will need to speak to the Haas Study Abroad adviser to discuss options.

What is the process in your department to have courses evaluated? What materials must be submitted? What is the timeframe for response?

Haas students will need to speak to the Haas Study Abroad adviser to discuss course options. A Haas Abroad Workbook needs to be submitted prior to departure. All Haas Abroad Workbook submissions need to be submitted prior to UCEAP Academic Planning Form due date.

Are students in your department able to undertake a senior honors thesis the semester following UCEAP participation?

The Haas Undergraduate Program does not offer senior honors theses for its majors.

Does your department calculate UCEAP grades into departmental GPA?

Yes, all courses posted to the transcript as “BUS ADM” or ” BUS MGMT” must be taken for letter grade and will be calculated into the departmental GPA. This is a non-negotiable policy.

Are UCEAP grades counted towards departmental honors?

Yes, the departmental GPA determines eligibility for departmental honors.

If you represent a department which teaches foreign language, does your department award major credit for the courses taken during the Intensive Language Program (ILP) portion of the UCEAP program?


Does the undergraduate adviser sign the UCEAP academic planning form, or must a faculty adviser sign?

The Haas Study Abroad Adviser signs planning forms for business majors only. For newly admitted Haas students who are admitted into the Haas Undergraduate Program and will be going abroad the Summer prior to starting Haas: note that the Undergraduate Program Office will not be able to sign off on any planning forms for your abroad program. Students can take forms to L&S or respective department(s) for signatures.

Does your department place Academic holds on declared majors prior to each registration period? If yes, what is your departmental policy on releasing advising holds for students currently abroad on UCEAP (e.g. is advising possible via email, skype, etc.)?

Yes. Students need to submit a screenshot attachment (via email) of their enrollment/study list from your UCEAP or sponsoring school.

Do you have any department specific advice for students participating on a UCEAP program in their last term at Berkeley?

Yes. Students who go abroad during the Spring of their final year at Haas may have to be taken off the Spring degree list and added to the Summer or Fall degree list depending on when their program ends and when transcripts are received. This would not entitle a student to enroll in classes at UC Berkeley during the Fall semester. Students completing Simultaneous Degrees, this might affect their date of graduation from both majors. However, their degree(s) will be backdated to the semester that they studied abroad. Note, if a student is completing a Simultaneous Degree with the College of Engineering or Natural Resources, their degree will not be backdated as those Colleges do not allow for this. Students whose degrees have been finalized and are eligible for Honors at Graduation after their UCEAP work has been posted to their transcripts, will be responsible for paying for a new diploma from the Office of the Registrar.


Independent Programs Questionnaire


Have any Independent programs been approved by your department and the Study Abroad Advisory board for credit in the major?


Are there any pre-approved courses for your major from other UC summer abroad programs (UCLA, UCD, etc.)?


What is the process to have a course from an Independent study abroad program evaluated for your major?

Please contact the Haas Study Abroad adviser to discuss.