Meet Our Advisers

We are excited to help you begin your journey! Our advising team is on-hand to guide you through the study abroad process.

  • Michelle Ayazi
    Michelle Ayazi
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Middle East, Africa, India, Cyprus, Multi-site London/Paris; LSE Summer, LSE Year

    "Studying abroad has impacted how I live my life and see the world, and the work I do. I am energized by Berkeley's diverse community and enjoy helping students incorporate study abroad into their time here. I’d love to be a part of your journey!"

  • Nadine Gerdes
    Nadine Gerdes
    Senior Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Canada, Denmark, France, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland

    "Studying abroad challenges students to know themselves, to realize who they really are, and to grow and change as a result of their experience."

  • Louise Hon
    Louise Hon
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Spain, Solomon Islands, Australia, New Zealand

    "I was a first-generation college student and had the privilege of studying abroad twice. It exposed me to people and situations that I otherwise would not have had access to, so it's wonderful I get to help others pursue the rewarding, challenging and exciting adventure that is study abroad!"

  • Randeep Kullar
    Randeep Kullar
    Internship Program Coordinator - Berkeley Global Internships

    "I love helping students realize that there are so many study abroad opportunities that they can take advantage of that have long term professional and personal benefits."

  • Scott McElhinney
    Scott McElhinney
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Korea, Russia; UCEAP reciprocal exchange

    "I was the first one in my family to live abroad, and those experiences fundamentally changed my worldview in a positive way. I became a study abroad adviser so that I could help other Cal students have similar opportunities to observe and interact with new cultures."

  • Andrea Preza
    Andrea Preza
    Study Abroad Adviser- UCEAP: China, Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, & Thailand

    "I feel tremendous joy when students allow me to help them match their motivation - a specific subject, destination, or personal motive - with the right program."

  • Katie Weibel
    Katie Weibel
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Ireland, Scotland, England

    The benefits of study abroad are almost endless. I love encouraging and supporting students to try new things and say 'yes.' It's amazing to see them come back more confident and compassionate."