Meet Our Advisers

We are excited to help you begin your journey! Our advising team is on-hand to guide you through the study abroad process.

  • Michelle Ayazi
    Michelle Ayazi
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Middle East, Africa, India, Cyprus, Multi-site London/Paris; LSE Summer, LSE Year

    "Studying abroad has impacted how I live my life and see the world, and the work I do. I am energized by Berkeley's diverse community and enjoy helping students incorporate study abroad into their time here. I’d love to be a part of your journey!"

  • Nadine Gerdes
    Nadine Gerdes
    Senior Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Canada, Denmark, France, Mexico, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland

    "Studying abroad challenges students to know themselves, to realize who they really are, and to grow and change as a result of their experience."

  • Louise Hon
    Louise Hon
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Argentina, Barbados, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Spain, Solomon Islands, Australia, New Zealand

    "I was a first-generation college student and had the privilege of studying abroad twice. It exposed me to people and situations that I otherwise would not have had access to, so it's wonderful I get to help others pursue the rewarding, challenging and exciting adventure that is study abroad!"

  • Miracle Husband
    Miracle Husband
    Study Abroad Adviser

    “Studying abroad changes the way students view who they are as global citizens. Your increased global awareness will give you the opportunity to better understand your cultural values and beliefs in a new context."

  • Randeep Kullar
    Randeep Kullar
    Internship Program Coordinator - Berkeley Global Internships

    "I love helping students realize that there are so many study abroad opportunities that they can take advantage of that have long term professional and personal benefits."

  • Scott McElhinney
    Scott McElhinney
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Korea, Russia; UCEAP reciprocal exchange

    "I was the first one in my family to live abroad, and those experiences fundamentally changed my worldview in a positive way. I became a study abroad adviser so that I could help other Cal students have similar opportunities to observe and interact with new cultures."

  • Travis Pentz
    Travis Pentz
    Study Abroad Adviser - UCEAP: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand; Independent Study Abroad programs

    "In addition to the significant learning that takes place in the classrooms and labs abroad, studying abroad is a wonderful chance to grow personally as you meet others from different backgrounds, sample new cuisines, try out different languages, and find adventure in the everyday."

  • Andrea Preza
    Andrea Preza
    Intake Adviser

    "I feel tremendous joy when students allow me to help them match their motivation - a specific subject, destination, or personal motive - with the right program."