Bear Abroad Jason in Hong Kong

Jason Li

Major: Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences

“TRY TRY TRY to make it happen. It's such a rewarding experience. You learn so much about the world and about yourself.”

What led you to study abroad? Why did you choose your country/program?

I wanted to experience the student life in a different country and learn Chinese characters, so I decided to study abroad in Hong Kong and Mainland China.

What was the most interesting cultural experience you had abroad?

I learned about common mistakes foreign language learners make when learning Putonghua. The pronunciation for “cup” and “comforter” are similar. Despite learning about this mistake, I made the same mistake when I was looking for a cup, I instead asked for a comforter.

What was the biggest challenge/concern of your study abroad experience? How did you respond?

The biggest challenge was the housing options because I did not know which accommodation option was the best.

Describe a typical day for you abroad.

First, I would wake up and go to class. After classes, I would do some homework. When dinner came around, some friends and I would get together and go out to try a new restaurant and explore the country.

What coursework did you take while abroad? How did courses abroad compare with Berkeley classes?

I took language and cultural courses while abroad. The courses were comparable to Berkeley classes, maybe a bit lighter.

What was the most memorable/meaningful aspect of your time abroad?

The most meaningful aspect of my time abroad was becoming friends with people from other countries. We took language classes and that language was our way of communicating with each other because that was the only common language between us.

What impact did studying abroad have on you personally?

I feel much more open-minded and more knowledgeable about other cultures.

What would you recommend to students considering studying abroad, especially to your country or program?

TRY TRY TRY to make it happen. It's such a rewarding experience. You learn so much about the world and about yourself.