Application Process for San Francisco Bay Area

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If you apply for the San Francisco Bay Area Internship Program, you must meet with a member of the Global Internships team within 5 business days of submitting your application. Your admission to the program will be contingent upon completing this meeting. To set up this meeting:

1. Apply for Global Internships: San Francisco Bay Area beginning February 4, 2019.

2. Within 48 hours of submitting your application, you will be emailed instructions on scheduling a pre-placement meeting with a Global Internships staff member to discuss your internship goals and preferences. Please do so immediately or your admission to the program will be in jeopardy.

3. Prior to attending the pre-placement meeting, you will be emailed an online questionnaire. This must be completed at least 24 hours before your meeting. Please monitor your spam folder for this.


Please note: If you do not attend the pre-placement meeting within 5 business days of applying, your application may be denied, and you will lose your $400 deposit. Meeting with a general advisor to talk about the program is not the same as scheduling a pre-placement meeting. See the Global Internships program policies, especially those involving cancellation from the program and fees.