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Berkeley Global Internships

Global Internships: Israel - VIRTUAL

  • Summary

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    Gain first-hand knowledge, connections, and international work experience through an academic internship in Israel. On this program, you will:

    • Undertake a service-learning internship in a social or business field of interest with an organization based in Israel

    • Earn academic credit for the internship via a ten-week online course

    • Learn about Israeli politics, society, and culture

    Location Summary:

    Broaden your view of Israel, and the Middle East with a Global Internship in Israel focused on Social Change. Israel is a country with a long and complex geopolitical, cultural, and religious history. In addition to Israel’s rich past and present heritage, it is a country of rapid economic development and technology, including the second largest number of start-ups in the world. In its seven decades of independence, Israel has experienced tremendous socio-economic, political, environmental, cultural, and religious transformations, many of which continue to shape and redefine Israel today.

    Domestically, Israel is a country with fascinating social and political dynamics and many religions and cultures. Its large Arab population and its many immigration waves over the past decades have contributed to its current socio-cultural and political reality. Israel also remains at the epicenter of regional and international politics in the Middle East. This Global internship program will give you a chance to directly experience Israel’s social fabric and its place as a crossroads of cultures, religions, and regional politics. Berkeley Global Internship participants will work in nonprofits, public projects, companies, and grassroots organizations working in the fields of education, women's rights, immigration, and others. An advantage of holding the

    Berkeley Global Internship program online is that students will be able to intern with various organizations throughout the country, in cities like Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, and Lod.

    The program will be run in partnership with Yahel Israel - an Israeli nonprofit specializing in running service-learning and social action programs in Israel. More information about Yahel can be found at

    Online Course and Internship Placement: June 7 - August 13, 2021 (Session B)
    Dates are subject to change.

    Units: 3 units

    Language of Instruction: English

    Required Course: UGBA C155 - Leadership: Purpose, Authority, and Empowerment (3 units)

    • Currently enrolled in a degree program or have graduated within the last 12 months
    • At least one year of college coursework completed by the start of the program
    • 2.0 GPA or higher
    • At least 18 years old at the time of application

    • Application opens February 1, 2021
    • Applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis
    • Deadline to apply is March 15, 2021

  • Courses

    In addition to your internship, you will take the following online internship course for a total of 3 Berkeley units.

    Course: Undergraduate Business Administration C155
    Title: Leadership: Purpose, Authority, and Empowerment
    Dates: June 7 - August 13, 2021
    Instructor: Dan Mulhern
    Units: 3 units
    Prerequisites: None

    The purpose of this course is for the students to develop an understanding of the theory and practice of leadership in various organizational settings. It is designed to allow students the opportunity to develop leadership skills through experiential exercises, behavioral and self-assessments, case studies, class discussions, and lectures.

  • Internship

    The Global Internships team works one-on-one with you to find an internship that matches your career goals, interests, and experience level. Internships are available in a variety of fields, and internship placement is guaranteed.

    The placements will include service-learning internships in the social sector and opportunities to work in the public sector, local innovation, and entrepreneurship. Internship tasks may include:

    • Curriculum Development in English
    • Evaluation – assistance in ongoing data collection and analysis
    • Resource development – including grant-writing, donor research, foundational research, assistance with fundraising campaigns, etc.
    • Media and marketing – creating website content, building websites, maintaining social media platforms, creating marketing materials in English, and more.
    • Assistance with program and event planning
    • Secondary research – research on methodologies from around the world that may apply to local work

    As part of the internship experience, students will:

    1. Receive Hebrew training
    2. Work with an external mentor in addition to the Israeli direct supervisor. Mentors will help students maximize the effectiveness of their remote internship and help bridge cultural gaps
    3. Be encouraged to find local volunteer opportunities that correspond with their internship field to have a local hands-on and in-person experience
    4. Take part in online lectures and workshops related to Israeli society

  • Costs

    Tuition and Program Fee

    The fees to participate in this program are broken down into tuition, program fee, and other fee(s) which are applied to your student billing account as follows:

    2021 Fees UC Students Visiting Students
    Tuition (3 units) $1,257 $1,650
    Program Fee $1,200 $1,200
    Campus Fee $380 $ -
    Registration Fee $ - $450
    Document Management Fee $ - $62
    Total Cost $2,837 $3,362

    Fees are subject to change.

    Estimated Out-of-Pocket Expenses 

    For Virtual Programs, students will participate from their own residences. Therefore, estimates of out-of-pocket expenses are not customized for each program. Each participant will determine their own unique living situation, be it with family, friends, or living independently. Because of this, each individual student must consider their own expenses and create an accurate individual budget for their summer. UC Berkeley students who have filed a 2020-2021 FAFSA or California Dream Act application and enroll in a minimum of 6 units will be eligible for financial aid. Financial aid eligible students who want more information on how out-of-pocket expenses will be packaged for this program can read about it here.

  • Timeline
    Application opens February 1, 2021
    Application closes March 15, 2021
    Applicants notified of selection On a rolling basis, beginning in mid-March 2021
    Participate in virtual placement meeting with a member of the Israel Global Internships team March 2021
    Deadline to confirm participation or cancel for a refund of all program-related fees, minus deposit April 4, 2021
    Attend online professional development workshops and pre-departure orientation April-May 2021
    Receive a provisional internship placement April-May 2021
    Virtual interview with your direct internship supervisor April-May 2021
    First day of program/online course June 7, 2021
    Attend virtual orientation activities First week of program
    Deadline to add a non-program course* June 18, 2021
    Deadline to drop courses w/ refund of tuition only (program fee is not refundable after April 4) June 18, 2021
    Deadline to change grading option August 6, 2021
    Last day of program/online course August 13, 2021


    All dates are subject to change.
    All deadlines are 11:59 pm Pacific Standard Time (PT).

    *Adding or dropping any non-program course(s) should follow the normal Summer Sessions deadlines. Canceling from the program does not constitute cancellation from the summer term if you are enrolled in any non-program courses.