During the program, you will take one course for a total of 6 UC Berkeley units.

Course: Education 146A
Title: Education and Migration: Indigeneity in Yucatán and Its Diaspora
Dates: June 10 – July 15, 2017
Instructor: Patricia Baquedano-López
Units: 6 units
Prerequisites: None

This course aims to bring awareness to the complex issues influencing the social experiences of indigenous Maya people in the Maya Diaspora (comprising Yucatan - San Francisco). The course aims to introduce contextual background (historical, political, economic, and social) to the creation of Maya identity, indigeneity, and representation in Yucatan in order to understand processes of migration to the U.S. The course complements classroom instruction with visits to historic and contemporary sites of indigenous cultural practice. It will also address social movements in Latin America, including pan-Maya movements, that have tried to redefine cultural and linguistic identities in the region. The course will introduce students to critical texts as examples of Maya indigenous thought and Maya authors in diaspora. As part of the course's appreciation of Maya language and culture, the first two weeks will include a language and literacy component on the basics of the grammatical structure of Yucatan Maya to better appreciate texts in Maya-Spanish-English and communicate with stakeholders in Yucatan and in the Maya diaspora.

This course satisfies the L&S International Studies breadth requirement. Please note that academic requirements may change. Consult with your college/major advisor to see which degree requirements this course may fulfill.