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Tohoku University Summer Programs

  • Summary

    Tohoku University Summer Programs are short-term programs featuring lectures, laboratory visits, and field trips in Sendai, Japan.

    Join students from the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania this summer for one of two program options hosted by Tohoku University:

    • The Tohoku University Japanese Program (TUJP) offers you an opportunity to discover Japan through intensive Japanese language classes, seminars on Japanese culture and society, collaborative projects with fellow students, home stays, field trips, and other cultural activities.
    • The Tohoku University Science Summer Program (TSSP) is designed for students majoring in science and engineering who will examine how advanced technologies can meet the needs of society. You will experience current education and research activities at Tohoku University through a lecture series, field trips to cultural sites and areas affected by the 2011 Tohoku Earthquake, cultural workshops, and collaborative opportunities with Tohoku University students. Note: TSSP is not running in the summer of 2017.

    Tohoku University was founded in 1907 as the third national university, located in Sendai City. It continues to be an innovative university committed to the principles of "Research First" and "Open Doors."

    To learn more, visit the Tohoku University Summer Programs website.

    For more information:

    • Email us at

    • Call us at +1 510 643-3355

    • Schedule an advising appointment Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. in 1995 University Ave, Suite 130


    2017 Dates:

    • Tohoku University Japanese Program: July 3 – 18 (Term 1); July 24 – August 8 (Term 2)

    • Tohoku University Science Summer Program: not running Summer 2017

    For TUJP, you can choose to take either one term only or both terms. Each term contains different classes and activities.

    Language of instruction: English

    Pre-departure information

    Courses: Science, Engineering, Social Sciences, Japanese


    • Be a UC Berkeley degree-seeking undergraduate student

    • Have completed at least one full year of university study

    • Possess a high level of proficiency in written and spoken English

    • Science or Engineering major (TSSP applicants only)

    • Beginning Japanese language learner (TUJP applicants only)

    Students from all majors are welcome to apply to TUJP. Students applying for TSSP must be science or engineering majors.

    Application Deadline: March 20, 2017

  • Courses

    Tohoku University Japanese Program (TUJP) participants will study in intensive Japanese language classes for both beginner and intermediate learners and attend a variety of classes across disciplines that are designed to teach Japanese culture in depth. There are two sessions: TUJP-1 (July 3 – 18, 2017) and TUJP-2 (July 24 – August 8, 2017). You may choose to take a single term or both.

    Past course topics have included:

    • Intercultural Communication: Japan and the World

    • Japanese Culture

    • Japanese Business and Economy

    • Japanese History

    • Japanese Pop Culture

    • Natural Disaster and Japan

    • Japanese Cuisine

    • Education in Japan

    Tohoku University Science Summer Program (TSSP) is on hiatus in Summer 2017. It is expected to resume in Summer 2018.

    Tohoku University Summer Programs are not credit-bearing programs and are not eligible for transfer credit.


  • Costs

    You will be responsible for the following costs for the Tohoku University Summer Programs:


    Tohoku University Japan Program

    • Round trip travel expenses to Japan
    • Program fee (50,000 JPY per term – includes tuition, activities, homestay, and field trips)
    • Housing (~4,400 JPY per night)
    • Meals
    • Personal expenses

    Tohoku University Science Summer Program

    • Round trip travel expenses to Japan
    • Program fee (20,000 JPY – includes tuition, field trips, workshops, and cultural activities)
    • Housing (4,700 JPY per night)
    • Meals
    • Personal expenses


    Cost information is listed in the currency of the host country, but may be converted to U.S. currency using a currency converter.


    Financial Aid

    Tohoku University Summer Programs are not credit-bearing programs and are not eligible for transfer credit. Therefore, they do not qualify for financial aid.



    A 80,000 JPY per-term scholarship from the Japan Student Services Association (JASSO) will be granted to students who meet the JASSO qualifications and successfully complete the program. Please note that graduating seniors are not eligible for the JASSO scholarship.