Affiliate Programs

IARU Global Summer Program - Yale University, USA

  • Summary

    The Global Summer Program (GSP) is an exciting learning experience that connects students from IARU universities with their peers from around the world. GSP participants have the unique opportunity to come together to explore and discuss critical issues in a global perspective that require multidisciplinary approaches.

    GSP courses are fun but intense. Days are full as the classes are rigorous, requiring a full-time commitment for the whole duration of the course.

    IARU universities include:

    The Australian National University
    National University of Singapore
    Peking University
    UC Berkeley
    University of Cambridge
    University of Cape Town
    University of Copenhagen
    University of Oxford
    The University of Tokyo
    Yale University

  • Eligibility

    Prerequisites: This course requires a TOEFL of 100 on the internet-based test. There is no academic prerequisite for the course.

  • Courses

    Course: YAL1 - The Sustainable Preservation of Cultural Heritage


    This course offers an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the complex factors that challenge the preservation of cultural heritage.

    Because the challenges associated with protecting the tangible and intangible, cultural and natural heritage of the world are global in character, students will explore the following:

    1. The evolution of ideas about what needs to be preserved.

    2. Threats to cultural heritage from natural decay, as well as social, political, and economic threats.

    3. The international protocols that have been developed for addressing these problems.

    Students will be introduced to techniques for preservation, including chemical and materials analysis in the preservation lab and in the field; will learn about museum preservation and the science used to detect forgeries and fakes; and will consider the international legal and professional frameworks that enable cross-cultural efforts to combat trafficking in antiquities and to facilitate preservation.

    For more information on the course, please visit the course page on the IARU GSP website.

    Course: Yal2 - Future of Food: Environment, Health, and Law

    This seminar will explore significant environmental, health, and energy challenges posed by global food production. These challenges all have complex histories of corporate innovation, law & regulation, scientific inquiry, confidential information, highly profitable markets, international trade, broad public acceptance, global environmental contamination, human exposure to hazardous substances, and abuse of labor, immigrants, and animals. They all offer insight into what might be: a future of “responsible food.”

    More specifically, the course will examine these challenges:

    1. Radionuclides and the Global Ecology of Food

    2. Agricultural Chemicals: Pesticides & International Trade

    3. Palm Oil: Biodiversity, Air Pollution, & Human Health

    4. Plastics: Energy Conservation, Waste, & Recovery

    5. Livestock: Pharmaceuticals Dietary Convergence

    In exploring and analyzing these challenges, students will consider the following dimensions.

    1. Environmental & Health Risks

    2. Law & Regulation: US and International

    3. Economic Evaluation: Supply Chains; Cost & Benefit Types, Magnitudes, and Distributions

    4. Scientific Evaluation: Risk Magnitude & Distribution, Perception, & Acceptability

    5. Religious & Ideological Influences

    6. Private Sector Innovation

    7. Ethical Dimensions Consumer Choices

    For more information on the course, please visit the course page on the IARU GSP website.