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The 2019 Berkeley Study Abroad Photo and Video Contests have come to a close and the winners have been notified! All of the submitted photos will be posted to our Flickr page and the winning videos will be posted to our YouTube page
Picking the favorites in each category was a daunting task, but the winning photos and videos summed up everything we love about studying abroad- learning, cultural appreciation, adventure, and fun. This year, we received 232 photo submissions and 21 video submissions.
Here are the winners in each category:
1st Place: Dalia Soto-Beltran for "Studying Abroad as a Gilman Scholar"
2nd Place: Asia Cooley for "About Australia"
2nd Place: Justin Sung for "Portugal Study Abroad 2019"
Bears Abroad
1st Place: Preston Buck "Oski Sees the Alps"
2nd Place: Reeven Serquina "Crispy Air"
People & Culture
1st Place: Brandon Denina Pundamiera "Ngati Whatua Orakei Marae"
2nd Place: Savannah Gonzalez "Carnevale"
3rd Place: Ruby J. Soto Cardona "Weaving a Kente Story"
1st Place: Sonia Scallon "Infinite Library"
2nd Place: Isabelle Cho "Technicolor Sky"
3rd Place: Prachi Jha "Awe-Inspiring Aurora Borealis"
1st Place: Ezra Garfield "After the Storm"
2nd Place: Sara Florez Brinez "In the Eye"
3rd Place: Andrew G. Raguse "Wasteland"
The judges determined the winning photos and videos based on composition, clarity and technical quality, and relevance to the category. The final photo rankings are also influenced by a popular vote, which included Berkeley Study Abroad Facebook and Instagram votes.