Campus Pre-Departure Checklist

Spring 2018 and Off-Cycle Year 2018

This Campus Pre-Departure Checklist includes action items required of all Berkeley UCEAP participants. Bookmark both this checklist and your program-specific UCEAP Pre-Departure Checklist. You will need to reference both checklists throughout your participation on UCEAP.

Item # Due Date Read and Complete
1 Within two weeks of selection Submit Online Acknowledgement of Selection
2 Immediately Watch Pre-Departure Overview Video
3 Immediately Begin Academic Planning Process
4 Immediately Begin Scholarship Planning
5 Two months prior to UCEAP Deadline Begin Health Clearance Process
6 October Review CalCentral Registration Process
7 October - Departure Clear Registration Holds
8 October - December Plan Finances and Financial Aid for UCEAP
9 December 1, 2017 Complete the UC Abroad Online Travel Course
10 December 1, 2017 Submit Academic Planning Form to 160 Stephens Hall
11 October - December Attend Pre-Departure Orientation
12 January  1, 2018 Pay or Waive Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP)
13 Before Departure & While Abroad Pay CalCentral Balance
14 Before Departure & Upon Return Update Contact Information in CalCentral
15 Before Departure Install Berkeley VPN (optional)


Campus Pre-Departure Advisories

Spring 2018 and Off-Cycle Year 2018

Item Review Before Documents
1 Upon receipt October 2017 UCEAP Advisories
2 Upon receipt November 2017 UCEAP Advisories
3 Upon receipt December 2017 UCEAP Advisories – coming soon